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The CSI UAE chapter is striving to enhance scientific knowledge and interaction in field of Cardiac Care by holding scientific meetings in cardiology regularly: 2 hrs every two months and full day once a year; besides periodic social interactions to have exchange of ideas and to improve patient care in society.

Welcome to CSI - UAE Chapter

UAE has a large number of practicing cardiologists from India. In 2011, Dr.Rajeev Lochan, Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr Brajesh Mittal and a few other senior members decided to form an informal group for scientific interaction and sharing of knowledge.

The parent body- Cardiology Society of India (CSI) is a very prestigious organization. It was formed in 1948. All the who’s who of cardiology in the country have been the members of this society. Cardiology Society of India accepted the request and allowed the group to be formed under its patronage. Thus formed the first overseas chapter of CSI. This chapter took off with Dr. Rajeev Lochan as the first president and Dr Anil Kumar as the first secretary. Our subsequent presidents have been: Dr. P.K.Gupta, Dr. V.J.Sebastian and Dr. Brajesh Mittal (current).Current secretary is Dr. Ajay Kanojia. All the life members of CSI who are residing and practicing in UAE are the de facto members of the chapter. There are approximately 60 members at present.

Our Committee

CSI - UAE chapter is the first and only overseas chapter of Cardiological Society of India!

President’s Message

" CSI-UAE chapter is the first and only overseas chapter of Cardiological Society of India. It came to inception in 2011. Since then it has grown and matured under the able leadership of my predecessors. I am honored and humbled to be elected as the President. With the support of my other board members of the executive committee.

I promise you all to deliver a fruitful, useful and robust journey forward for all the group members and to carry the task of educational interaction mixed with social commune amongst us. Let’s all join together, welcome and the best wishes "

- Brajesh Mittal

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